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Examines the daily lives, pressures, and ambitions of six high school students in the US, China, and India, and their future prospects in the global economy.

Following up on his first documentary, Two Million Minutes, Robert Compton searched "for the best high schools, in the hopes of discovering a solution to America's education crisis. Then, in one of the poorest areas of America, Compton discovered a school that teaches ordinary U.S. children at an extraordinarily high academic level.

In the days immediately following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed seventeen people, filmmakers Emily Taguchi and Jake Lefferman began filming with students and families whose lives were forever altered.

Examines how mobile devices and digital media practices can empower young people to direct their own learning.

This film makes a case for the critical importance of investing in High-quality early education.


BF 503 .N6 2006

No Child without Motivation
To prevent children from being left behind, educators must create goals that are integrated into the skills-building process, not just based on rewarding success. 

LB 1731.6 C646 2012 (varies by title)

Study key developmental areas of preschoolers. Each scene explores a crucial area of development: cognitive, physical and motor, social and emotional, and language and literacy. Narratives offer context; identify movement, expression, and behavior; and suggest assessment, planning, or follow-up a caregiver might consider. 


BF 721 .Q6 2004

A Question of Children
This three-part series tracks children's development during the period from 4 to 11 years of age.

LB 1555 .S35 2002

Collection of animated, musical shorts on the topics of science, multiplication, money, American history and politics, and English grammar.

LA 212 .W35 2011

An engaging and inspiring look at public education in the United States.

LB 1027.23 .H5 2011

Presents 107 short video clips illustrating the HighScope approach in action. These clips are filled with useful ideas for activities and teaching practices that can be used throughout the daily routine in HighScope programs or in programs using any child development approach.

QP 399 .W48 2010

This program seeks to understand how the brain, which has evolved no hardwired 'reading center,' made the leap to literacy.