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BX 8129 .A5 A44 2012

Explores the insular religious community, whose intense faith and adherence to 400-year-old traditions have by turns captivated and baffled Americans for more than a century. The film examines the beliefs, lifestyle, and history of the Amish, as well as their complex relationship to mainstream American culture.

BX 8129 .A5 A45 2014

Follows seven former members of the Amish community as they reflect on their decisions to leave one of the most closed and tightly-knit communities in the United States. Estranged from family, the ex-Amish find themselves struggling to understand and make their way in modern America. 

BL 74 .B55 2011

Bestselling author and professor of comparative religion Huston Smith sits down with legendary journalist Bill Moyers for a series of lively and engrossing interviews about the universal truths of the world's religions.

BQ266 .B8 2003

Discusses the history of Buddhism, from its origins in central Asia, to its influence in various Asian cultures.

BR 121.3 .C47 2009

From the Crucifixion to the Crusades, the Reformation to the sweeping changes of Vatican II, each fascinating episode tracks the epic journey of the evolution of the faith.

BQ 4570 .S85 D46 2017

A former Japanese punk rocker turned Buddhist monk has dedicated his life to counseling suicidal people and must now question his own beliefs about what makes life worth living.

BF 637 .F67 F65 2011

Film addresses the act of forgiveness, which is a theological principle central to all major religions, but is more and more frequently leaving the church, synagogue and mosque and hitting the fractious streets. Inevitably its new role in the world raises serious and complex questions: why is forgiveness in the air today; what is its power, and what are its limitations and in some instances its dangers; has it been cheapened or deepened ... or both?

BL 2525 .G63 2010

Examines more than 500 years of American religious history, from the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the 2008 presidential election. Explores the complex interaction between religion and democracy in the United States; the origins of the American concept of religious liberty; the dynamics of the ever-evolving American religious marketplace; and more.

BP 605 .S2 G65 2015

The film profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, exploring the psychological impact of blind faith, how the church attracts new followers and keeps hold of its A-list celebrity devotees.

BS 571 .G74 2010

Traces the lives of men and women from the Bible, from Abraham to the Apostle Paul.

BL 1202 .H5 2003

Discusses the history of Hinduism, and its capacity to integrate the new with the old, as one of the world's oldest and largest religions.

BR 145.3 .H57 2010

A History Of Christianity reveals the true origins of Christianity and delve into what it means to be a Christian. Intelligent, thought-provoking and magisterial in its scope the series will uncover how a small Jewish sect that preached humility became the biggest religion in the world.
6 Discs


BP 161.3 .I57 2002

This balanced, objective introduction to the great faith traces its roots back to the Hebrew Bible and explains the main tenets of Islam, the Five Pillars that all Muslims must adhere to. Discover what the Qur'an has to say about war, violence and suicide, and see how these words have been co-opted by extremists.

BP 605 .S2 I68 2006

An interview with L. Ron Hubbard, in which he discusses the origins and practice of Scientology and Dianetics.

BP 161.2 .I8 2003

Discusses the history of Islam as one of the great monolithic world religions. Explores the wealth of cultural contributions of the Islamic world.

DS 112 .K49 2004x

Tells the story of the Israelites and the creation of the world's first monotheistic religion.

BM 561 .J8 2003

Judaism, one of the world's oldest surviving religions, is both a theology and a way of life. Despite persecution of its followers, it has survived as the first religion to be founded upon the principle of monotheism.

CB 351 .M415 2003

This five-part series helps belie the notion of the Dark Ages by examining the complex worldview of the medieval mind through its religious personages, institutions, and poetry.

BX 290 .O7 2003

Examines the interwoven branches of Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity.

BX 4805.2 P768 2003

Discusses the history of the Protestant churches, which developed in Europe in response to the Roman Catholic Church. Explores the denominations that have developed over the centuries.


BP 605 .S2 S2 2012

Basic theory and practice of Scientology.