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PR 1583 .E3 2004

The student will learn about the historical and literary foundations that produced the English epic, Beowulf, and a simple explanation of the origins of the English language will be given. The historical and literary traditions of the era in which it was written are explained in detail.

PS 3515 .U274 H844 2002

This film shows how Hughes successfully fused jazz, blues and common speech to celebrate the beauty of Black life. This multi-layered documentary consists of spoken-word sessions, roundtable discussions and a tour of Hughes' Harlem hang-outs.


LB 1529 .U5 P6487 2007

Provides instruction spoken word performance, focusing on connecting with the audience and advice for first-time performers.


PR 590 .R66 2006

A study of the prominent poets of the Romantic period featuring the works of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and Byron. Includes interpretation and analysis by Dr. Robert Woof, Dr. Julia North and Derrick Woolf.

PR 2248 .S56 2009

Simon Schama's John Donne vividly brings to life the brilliant and ambitious poet, his ardent writings, and his turbulent times. 

PS 617 .S536 2005

Before Russell Simmons' Def Poety Jam, Slamnation captured the cutthroat world of spoken-word poetry. The film follows Saul Williams and three other top poets as they make their way to the National Poetry Slam, the Super Bowl of poetry.

PE 1075 .S887 C891 2007

Up to a billion and a half people speak English in some form. It is the international medium of communication for technology, diplomacy, business and popular culture. This program explains how English has risen to such prominence.