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Crafted from a newly discovered trove of 65mm footage, and more than 11,000 hours of uncataloged audio recordings, the film takes viewers straight to the heart of NASA*s most celebrated mission, the one that first put men on the moon, and forever made Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin into household names.

From the width of a football field to the size of a small city, the space rocks called asteroids have the potential to be killers. But some asteroids may be loaded with billions of dollars' worth of iron, nickel and even platinum. Will asteroids turn out to be our economic salvation-or instruments of extinction?

Origami may seem an unlikely medium for understanding and explaining the world. But around the globe, several fine artists and theoretical scientists are abandoning more conventional career paths to forge lives as modern-day paper folders. Through origami, these offbeat and provocative minds are reshaping ideas of creativity and revealing the relationship between art and science.

A fascinating quest with a group of pioneering mathematicians determined to decipher the rules that govern fractal geometry. 

Four episodes of Nova focusing on scientists and how their ideas shaped our world.

Man's ever-increasing thirst for energy, quenched by the burning of fossil fuels, has dramatically increased greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere. This 2 - disc set examines and explains this phenomenon, and looks into the future where other, more deadly impacts are predicted to follow. 

Astrophysicist Mario Livio, along with a colorful cast of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, follow math from Pythagoras to Einstein and beyond, all leading to the ultimate riddle: Is math an invention or a discovery? 


Twenty-two centuries after Archimedes wrote his most revealing mathematical work, and eight centuries after a Christian monk erased what may have been the last surviving copy, the lost treatise has turned up and is being deciphered in a Baltimore museum.

Presents the first manned space flight, the first spacewalk, the story of Apollo 13, and more with bonus episode taking a fun look at weightlessness on a space shuttle.

Origami, the century old tradition of paper folding is now at the heart of a scientific revolution. Scientists are discovering that folding is a powerful tool to explore the limits of science. Engineers and designers are now adopting origami designs to conquer space or reshape the world around us. 

Reveals a story of personal achievement and technological triumph, seen through the eyes of dozens of leading authorities on the leading edge of planetary exploration and on both sides of the high-stakes Cold War race into space.


In 1991, a group of countercultural visionaries built an enormous replica of earth's ecosystem called Biosphere 2. When eight 'biospherians' live quarantined inside, they faced ecological calamities and cult accusations. Their epic adventure is a cautionary tale but also a testament to the power of small groups reimagining the world.

Join author and Oxford University professor Marcus du Sautoy as he crisscrosses the globe and enlists distinguished experts to uncover the history, meaning, and wonder of math. 

Takes viewers on a global adventure of discovery, dramatizing the inNovations in technology and the achievements in science that have marked the rich history of the telescope.

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its effects are most clearly demonstrated on a regional level. This program connects the local and planetary aspects of global warming through environmental case studies, focusing on North Carolina's Outer Banks, South Carolina's coastal areas, and Florida's Everglades and Keys.

From robotic rovers on Mars to NASA probes slamming into comets and deep space telescopes capturing violent images of the birth of stars, season five of this illuminating series explores how these discoveries were made and who made them.