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Children's Books


Introduces young children to the water cycle with simple text and illustrations.

In Bedtime Math, math and fun facts combine for one wacky and wild adventure! Now kids can discover the truth behind all their favorite things: marshmallows, Coca-Cola, astronaut ice cream, and more!

Reimagines the cycles of the moon as a mother bakes a Big Moon Cookie and, despite Mama's request to wait, Little Star begins nibbling at it every night.

This photographic exploration of flowers goes from the desert to the woodlands and beyond, celebrating their beautiful variety and the science behind these colorful displays.

Questions buzzed endlessly in Charles Henry Turner's mind. Fascinated by bugs and other animals, he wondered: Can spiders learn? How do ants find their way home? Can bugs see color? 

A brilliantly simple, funny, interactive picture book that introduces children to the strange, unseen world of microbes all around them.

A cantankerous cactus narrator reveals to young readers how the colors of flowers attract specific pollinators, from bees and bats to birds and butterflies.


The illustrations are designed to demonstrate the concept of complementary colors.

Describes the life of a typical worker bee, as she emerges from her cell, does different jobs around the hive while growing big enough and strong enough to fly, and flies far and wide to search for nectar.

A greedy individual thoughtlessly pollutes the air, land, and water of the Bar-ba-loots' paradise in order to build his giant industry.


When he can't find the answer to his question about the wind in any of his books, inquisitive Noah embarks on a windy adventure to satisfy his curiosity.

Follow a little girl as she takes you on a tour through all of her favorite things, from the holes she digs to the hugs she gives.

Rhyming text and photographs follow a pumpkin patch as it grows and changes, from seeds to plants to pumpkins ready to harvest, to jack-o-lanterns and then to seeds again.


Illustrates some of the different ways that seeds are dispersed throughout nature, from floating in water and scattering in the air, to hitching a ride on an animal's fur coat and being burrowed by ants.

A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations.

A unique take on spring in a series of eye-opening equations. Whether it's breeze + kite = ballet or nest + robin = jewelry box, each equation prompts readers to pause and think about spring in unexpected ways.

Told in rhyming verse, a stone is considered from a variety of environmental and emotional perspectives, as it sits where it is, surrounded by grass, dirt, and water, an unchanging certainty in the world.

Describes how the universe, the planet Earth, and a human child all came into being, and how all are interconnected.

Can you find math in your art? Discover math in art through symmetry, geometry, and patterns in this STEAM based title. Includes a photo glossary and resources.

A young girl contemplates colours in the world and beyond what she can see with her eyes.

Presents a depiction of the water cycle featuring a wide-eyed puff of a cloud that moves, transforms, precipitates, freezes and thunders through respective stages before passing over a spectacular rainbow.