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Children's Books




All of the children in the class face their fear of danger and practice wholeheartedly what their teacher Miss Mingo and the fire fighter Chief Grizzly teach them to do in a fire drill.

Ginny suffers from undiagnosed double vision, and seeing two of everything is causing her difficulties in school. On vision screening day, a nurse discovers the problem, and the prescribed eye patch gives Ginny a new identity—the pirate of kindergarten.

Simple text and illustrations introduce young readers to the world of schizophrenia and other illnesses that can cause hallucinations.

Explains what depression is and how it affects people through a story about a princess and a fog around her that she cannot get rid of on her own.


Children taking a shortcut by walking along a railroad track find excitement and danger when a train approaches.

Sensitively broaches the subject of keeping children safe from inappropriate touch.