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Children's Books


When his mother goes out of town for work, Stanley changes into a Martian who does not have to wash his hands, eat vegetables, or brush his teeth.

A talking tiger approaches a family during their annual end-of-summer camping trip and is befriended by the youngest, a boy who does not feel ready for first grade.

Laugh along with a dog named Douglas and his pal Nancy in this silly follow-up to Douglas, You Need Glasses! as the friends execute outrageous plans to meet their neighbors.

A boy and his grandfather cross a language and cultural barrier using their shared love of art, storytelling, and fantasy.



Who is Madame Badobedah? Mabel sets out to prove that an eccentric new hotel guest is really a supervillain in this storybook about an intergenerational friendship.

While Milo and his sister travel to a detention center to visit their incarcerated mother, he observes strangers on the subway and draws what he imagines their lives to be.

A young Muslim girl puts on a head scarf and not only feels closer to her mother, she also imagines herself as a queen, the sun, a superhero, and more.

A little boy builds a ship to honor his late grandfather and sets sail for the magical place where ocean meets sky from his grandfather's stories.

Owen loves soccer, but isn't the best at playing it. After a particularly disastrous day on the field, Owen is benched. He is feeling so low that he doesn't notice the ball rolling away from him until it's too late. In his effort to get it back, he discovers that he has more skills than he realizes.

A child living in a mud house in a village on the edge of a forbidding desert teams up with her brothers to build a creative bicycle from everyday items and embarks on an adventure filled with laughter and bumpy rides over sand hills.

Wanting a puppy but receiving a toy truck instead, a little boy pets his truck, puts a leash around it and takes it to the park, where he struggles to figure out how to keep it from just sitting still.

In this wordless picture book, a boy finds a mysterious key which leads him on an adventure one rainy day.


A Siamese cat with an uncanny imagination, pretends to battle el Blimpo Bumblebeeto Bandito--a giant bee--on behalf of the Mexican Chihuahuas it has been terrorizing.

A man is followed by a skunk all day until the tables turn.

A young girl dreams of flying above her Harlem home, claiming all she sees for herself and her family. Based on the author's quilt painting of the same name.

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text follow a bear that would rather play with his underwear than put it on and get ready for bed.

Follows a young girl's imaginary journey as she zooms in a race car past fields and forests to faraway lands before returning home to her own safe bed.

Sisters embark on an adventure of the imagination through the jungles of a mysterious island which reveals the unbreakable bond they share.

A little girl hesitates to initiate a friendship with her new neighbor Zola because she imagines Zola is busy with another friend--an elephant.

By heeding their wise grandmother's advice, a brother and sister discover the ability to lift themselves up and imagine a better world.