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Children's Books


Follow a family and the youngest member's favorite sock monkey through all the inner and outer workings of an airport.

Presents trucks of all kinds, including flatbeds, big rigs, diggers, dump trucks, and fire trucks.

Introduces dump trucks and describes the jobs they do.


Using her imagination, a young girl transforms a coffee shop into a zooming train, in this rhythmic read-aloud story that mimics train sounds.

During a war, a mother and her two children set out on a search for a new home--a journey filled with both uncertainty and hope.

Lisa travels on an airplane by herself to visit her uncle in New York.

Presents a visual exploration of America's early railroads, examining the sounds, speed, and strength of the fledgling transcontinental locomotives.

Lots of big-truck books are rowdy, but this one is just right for bedtime. Opening at sunset, it shows Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, and other personified construction vehicles finishing up the day's work and getting themselves ready for a good night's rest.

Shows a typical day for a group of working trucks: a loader, a dump truck, a digger, a bulldozer, a cement mixer, a tow truck, a crane, and a roller.


During a busy day at the construction site, the workers use a variety of machines to knock down a building and begin constructing a new one.

Daisy Ramona zooms around her neighborhood with her papi on his motorcycle.

On a small family farm, an old truck falls into disrepair and lies nearly forgotten, except by the family's daughter. As an industrious young woman, she pulls the rusted and overgrown vehicle from its almost-grave and restores it.

An exciting day at the races highlights the letters of the alphabet as a variety of automobiles burn fuel speeding through the curves of the track.


Children taking a shortcut by walking along a railroad track find excitement and danger when a train approaches.

Follows a young girl's imaginary journey as she zooms in a race car past fields and forests to faraway lands before returning home to her own safe bed.