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Books & Media

The library owns many physical resources, including print books, audiobooks, and videos. The following lists each of our collections:


Most items belong to our circulating collection. Print books are located on the second level of the library; new books and audiobooks are located on the first level. Books may be checked out for three (3) weeks. Books may be extended for another three (3) weeks as long as another person is not waiting on it. Our media collection (audiobooks, DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc.) is available on the first floor behind the front desk. Users are not allowed to browse the media in-person. Instead, users may view a printed list of items at the front desk. While our audiobooks may be borrowed for the same amount of time as our print collection, videos may only be borrowed for seven (7) days.

The following guides listed below provide further details on each collection.

Book Swap

The Book Swap is our popular paperback collection. Let a library staff member know the amount of books removed from it before leaving the building. No fines, no fees, no return dates - all fun! Please be aware this collection is sustained according to your generosity. If you take a book, please take time to leave or return a book. If you would like to simply donate to the collection, feel free to drop off books at the Library during our regular business hours.  


The reference collection is located on the second level across from the staircase. These books cannot be borrowed. Visitors may copy reference books as long as they follow the U.S. copyright laws. The copier is located on the first level across from the Day Librarian's office. Copies are $0.10 cents per page for black and white copies, and $0.20 cents per page for colored copies.

Borrow From Another Library

The RichmondCC Library may request to borrow print books and/or journal articles from other libraries if an item is not owned by RichmondCC. The amount of time a user may borrow an item from another library is determined by the lending library, not the RichmondCC Library. Complete this form and a library staff member will attempt to get the item for you. It may take between two (2) to three (3) weeks for items to be available for your use.

Restrictions and Fees

First time borrowers must complete a membership form before leaving the premise with items. Students and employees of RichmondCC must have a current ID card issued by the college to borrow materials. Community users living in Scotland and Richmond county may obtain a library card as long as they verify their address. Community users are only allowed to borrow two (2) items at a time, and must use their local public library if in need of an item the RichmondCC Library does not own.

Items returned late accrue $0.25 cents a day per item. Each item's late fee caps out at ten ($10) dollars. You may pay late fees by cash or check in the library. Credit or debt card payment may only be completed by the Business Office. Please contact a library staff member if you need to pay your fees using a card.