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Articles: Overview


Articles are important in academia. An article is a piece of writing on a particular topic published by a journal, magazine, or newspaper. There are three common types: scholarly, trade, and popular articles. This guide explains the differences between each type.

Scholarly Articles

Known as: Peer-reviewed or academic articles

Purpose: To share in-depth, primary research

Audience: Academics

Author(s): PhDs or Scholars

Characteristics: Contains abstracts, charts/graphs, citations, and works cited or bibliography. Few advertisements.

Trade Articles

Known as: Professional articles

Purpose: To share industry information

Audience: Professionals

Length: 2+ pages

Author(s): Practitioners, professionals

Characteristics: Glossy paper, few citations, moderate advertisements

Popular Articles

Known as: Magazine articles

Purpose: To entertain or inform

Audience: Popular, general

Length: 1+ pages

Author(s): Non-experts

Characteristics: Glossy paper, eye-catching photos, heavy advertisements