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CJC 111: Intro to Criminal Justice

Suggested Print Books

Book title: American Prison
Book title: Guilty People
Book title: Victimology
Book title: Charged
Book title: The Prevention of Crime

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Search Tips

Use the following tips to improve your searches.

Search Terms: Create a list of key concepts and terms related to your subject. Synonyms of key terms are useful too. Look for these terms in the book's Table of Contents and in the Index.

Think Broad: If you cannot find a book exactly matching your topic, look for a book where your topic might be addressed. 

Example: Search for a book on the American Revolution if your topic is the Boston Tea Party.

Ask for Help: Ask a librarian for help. Seriously, ask us - we want to help you!

Book Services

You have several options if we do not own a book you need.

Not sure which option you should choose? Call us at (910) 410-1749 and ask for a librarian. Email us anytime at 

Book Collections

Print books are shelved upstairs in the Library by subject area. Each book has a label attached to the spine with an alphanumeric code, known as the call number. The following suggests the call number ranges for this subject:

K5000-K5582: Criminal law and procedure

K5015.4-5350: Criminal law

K5401-5570: Criminal procedure

K5575-K5582: Juvenile criminal law and procedure