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Information Technology

Computer information technology resources.

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Primary Subject Area:

Q -- Science
QA 75.5 to 76.95 -- Electronic computers; computer science
QA 76.75 to 76.765 -- Computer software
T -- Technology
T 58.5 to 58.62 -- Management; information systems
T 58.5 to 58.64 -- Information technology
TK 5101 to 6720 -- Telecommunication
TK 7885 to 7895 -- Computer engineering; Computer hardware


H -- Social Sciences
HD 9680 to 9714 -- Mechanical industries (including electric utilities, electronic industries, and machinery)
HE 9713 to 9715 -- Cellular and wireless telephone services industry

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Book Services

Do we not own something you are looking to read? You have several options:

  • Fill out the Purchase Request Form here. We will see about purchasing your request. It may take a month or more for your book to be available. We give priority to academic, non-fiction titles.    
  • Fill out an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Form here. When you request a book through ILL, a librarian will attempt to get a book for you from another library. It may take from two (2) to four (4) weeks for a book to arrive, assuming the librarian is successful in obtaining the book. You will be contacted either way.
  • Check out the Sandhills Regional Public Library System. The RichmondCC Library's priority is titles supporting our curriculum. We do provide a multitude of popular fiction and non-fiction titles. However, your public library will have more.

Not sure which option you should choose? Call us at (910) 410-1753 or (910) 410-1752 for advice from a librarian. Email us anytime at