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Book Collections

Print books are shelved upstairs in the Library by subject area. Each book has a label attached to the spine with an alphanumeric code, known as the call number The following suggests the call number ranges for this class:

P 1- 85 General
P 87 - 96 Communication. Mass media.
P 95 - 95.6 Oral communication. Speech.
P 99 - 99.4 Semiotics. Signs and symbols.
P 99.5 - 99.6 Nonverbal communication
P 201 - 299 Comparative grammar
P 301 - 301.5 Style. Composition. Rhetoric
P 302 - 302.87 Discourse analysis
P 306 - 310 Translating and interpreting
P 321 - 324.5 Etymology
P 325 - 325.5 Semantics
P 326 - 326.5 Lexicology
P 327 - 327.5 Lexicography

The Library has six eBook collections from NC Live. Use your email username and password to access them off-campus. The collections most relevant for you are:

Book Services

You have several options if we do not own a book you need.

Not sure which option you should choose? Call us at (910) 410-1749 and ask for a librarian. Email us anytime at