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Open Educational Resources

What is OER? by The Council of Chief State School Officers is licensed under CC-BY-4.0

What are Open Educational Resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials that are free to use, re-purpose, and share. OER can be lesson plans, textbooks, tests, images, lectures, and even entire courses. These materials are either in the public domain or released under a licensing agreement that allows for their free use and adaptation. This licensing typically falls under one of the Creative Commons (CC) copyright designations. 

Why are educators using them?

  • Using OER allows instructors to fully customize class content and structure.
  • Adapting and sharing OER fosters collaboration with other instructors and academics.
  • When used in place of commercial textbooks, OER can bring down the cost of education for students.
  • Traditional educational tools are often restricted by copyright or hidden behind paywalls.