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Articles are usually published in magazines, journals, or newspapers. They provide information on a topic, and, depending on the publication of the article, may contain more current information on a topic than a book. The majority of our article collection may be found online through our database collection.

Use your email username and password for off-campus access.

Article Database Suggestions

Article Services

You have several options if we do not own an article you need.

  • Fill out an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Form here. When you request an article through ILL, a librarian will attempt to get it for you from another library. It may take a week for an article to arrive, assuming the librarian is successful in obtaining it. You will be contacted either way.
  • Fill out the Purchase Request Form here.  We will see about purchasing your request. Generally, journals and magazines are purchased around the start of the Fall semester.   

Not sure which option you should choose? Call us during the day at (910) 410-1752 or during the night at (910) 410-1753 for advice from a librarian. Email us anytime at