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CJC 231: Constitutional Law

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Research Process

The following is an effective strategy for conducting research.

Think of a topic.

Identify a topic of interest to you and form a question about it. Underline the key words in your question to use when conducting your searches.

Find background information.

Locate background information on your topic. Create a list of important events, people, and key words associated with your topic.

Search scholarly, academic, and professional sources.

Search multiple scholarly, academic, and/or professional sources using the background information you found on your topic. Determine how each new source sheds light on your topic.

Cite your sources.

Create a citation for each source you used for your assignment. You must always give credit to where you located information.

Research is challenging and occasionally frustrating. You may have to revisit some or all of the steps in the above process several times. Please contact a librarian if you need help with your research.