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Nursing - Evidence-Based Practice

What is PICO?


How would I describe a group of patients similar to mine?

  • The group of people that are of concern in the question
Intervention/Prognostic Factor/Exposure

Which main intervention, prognostic factor, or exposure am I considering?

  • Treatment or action that is the focus of the question 

What is the main alternative to compare with the intervention?

  • Any other nursing intervention [an intervention, if any, to be compared against]
Outcome you would like to measure or achieve

What can I hope to accomplish, measure, improve, or affect?

  • Specific effect(s) of the intervention or what matters to the nurse and patient
What type of question are you asking? Diagnosis, Etiology/Harm, Therapy, Prognosis, Prevention
Type of study you want to find? What would be the best study design/methodology?